Want a coffee?

Because coffee is first and foremost a plant. Today, Diffussence is committed to providing you with a range of 4 organic coffees, all carefully selected in the four corners of the world according to their origins and quality. These organic coffees all benefit from so-called traditional methods for their manufacture.

The coffees are carefully packed in a capsule compatible with Nespresso® coffee machines. It is called VEGECAPS® ** and it is 100% vegetable origin, biodegradable and compostable, without plastic and aluminum! After use, this capsule can, like its cousin C'BIOGREEN® *** for teas and infusions, be put to the composter or earth. So, do not hesitate, the compostable capsule is not toxic to the environment and its residues, after disintegration, are an ideal amendment to enrich the earth! In addition, the coffee grounds, present inside the used compostable capsule, are a natural fertilizer that promotes soil fertility. So why deprive yourself?

* Registered trademark belonging to the Nestlé S.A. Products Company having no connection with Diffussence®.
** Registered trademark owned by VEGEPLAST S.A.S.
*** Registered trademark owned by Diffussence®.

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3 Item(s)