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Works councils, business leaders, administrations, associations, employees do have free your company from a reduction of 10% * permanent and immediate!

*This discount is applicable throughout the year, the posted price, excluding discounts, special offers and product shipping available on

It is reserved for employees of the company and holder of adherent affiliation code.

  réduction 10 %




Works councils, business leaders, administrations, associations, how to get free of this exclusive offer employees?


It's very simple !

1- Click "I register my business to employee exclusive offer" Complete the form and confirm. This application form is to be completed by authorized personnel (manager, service manager, D.R.H., head of C.E ...).


I register my company with the exclusive offer employees


2- Upon validation of your registration for the exclusive offer employees, you will receive an email within 2 working days containing the affiliate code your company, your administration or your association.

3- Disseminate to all employees, and/or show this email with affiliate code, C.E. in the office to enjoy your employees to offer. This affiliate code will be asked to employees when registering for the exclusive offer employees.

 offre exclusive salariés code affiliation





Employees, how to get free of your employees exclusive offer for a permanent 10% discount on

Nothing more simple


1- Make sure you have your affiliate code provided by your company.

2- Click "I adhere to the free exclusive offers employees". Remember to fill in all fields and to specify in the form the affiliate code of your company, your government, or your association.


I adhere to the free exclusive offer employees


3- After confirming your registration to the exclusive offer employees. You will automatically beneficiary within 48 working hours, 10% discount on the total of your cart.

This reduction is permanent, immediate and applicable on the published retail price, excluding discounts, special offers and shipping of the products available on the site. This reduction is personal, non transferable and reserved to persons holding employees of the affiliate code exclusive offer Diffussence® employees.