You prefer compostable capsules of organic teas? 

Come and discover our range of HTVE® Bio Tasting Tea. Organic tea recipes specially prepared by Diffussence. Taste, intensity, but ... always of the biological plant. To discover with our organic capsule C'BIOGREEN® *, specially developed to prepare organic teas and infusions in Nespresso® coffee machines **. In addition, it is 100% vegetable origin, biodegradable and compostable, without plastic and aluminum to prepare genuine healthy and organic teas! So, do not hesitate, our tea capsule is not toxic to the environment and its (biological) plant residues, after disintegration, are an ideal amendment to enrich the earth! 

We are also preparing new organic tea recipes to enrich our range of HTVE® organic wellness products. We hope to present them soon with a compostable caspule packaging C'BIOGREEN® * and a crystalline bag infusette!

You can also discover our range of organic teas and infusions by Cclick here.

* Registered trademark owned by Diffussence®.
 ** Registered trademark belonging to the Nestlé S.A. Products Company having no connection with Diffussence®.



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17 Item(s)