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True plant lovers at the start of DIFFUSSENCE.

In Auvergne Julien worked for more than 30 years in a large tea and infusion business. This is where he learnt his trade: plants, flavours, fragrance, properties, how to combine them in a subtle blend. He plied his trade with utmost passion. He always endeavoured to keep abreast of innovation and improvement in his job. He is a staunch advocate of plant efficiency and their benefit for the well-being of the body. And yet he couldn’t find suitable products in shops. The way to make a traditional herbal tea is long and tedious. It varies from one plant to the next and in the end few people benefit from them.

At the back of his mind was a long-time idea, namely to offer infusions as concentrated as traditional herbal teas, but with shorter time for preparation, a bare few minutes. During his time in business he met the right experts in plants, pharmacists by trade and inventors to be of the Natural patented extraction process HTVE®, and he supported the implementation of this invention so that his project came true.

Hervé, in Julien’s closer circle, was a bank manager at the time. He would hear a lot about the benefit of HTVE® infused concentrates of plants. As a nature lover he liked the idea very much. A born entrepreneur he personally supported the project. He eventually suggested to Julien that they set up their own business and start their own brand of products. They gathered experts in a team and instilled in them their enthusiasm and knowledge of plants. Their project of offering the best of plants became a reality. In their quest for the newest Hervé came up with the idea of using HTVE® plants with Nespresso coffee machine capsules. No other compatible infusion capsule available on the market had passed the test. Lack of time and lack of taste are the reasons why. Thanks to the power of concentrated plants the flavour is at its richest. The operation principle was patented, an organic plant-based capsule was born and the first formulas were tasted and tested.

Today after a several years of development to ensure natural high-quality infusions with known properties and delicate flavours Diffussence is proud to offer you its teas and infusions in crystalline bags and its HTVE® Organic Delight range of teas and infusions in compostable capsules.

What next?

Tomorrow’s target is to offer teas and infusions, as in the Well-Being range using crystalline bags, filled in capsules with the right daily dose to benefit from all traditional plant properties.