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We provide you with the following means of payment:

Payment by credit card


Payment by credit card is completely secure thanks to the VADS SP PLUS 3D SECURE remote payment system. This protects you from fraud since we ensure on each online payment that the credit card is used by its real holder.

When paying online, after selecting your card type and entering your bank details, you will be redirected to your bank, which will ask you to authenticate yourself by entering a unique code that you will have sent to you for this transaction. This code is most often sent by SMS on your mobile phone but the authentication modalities may vary according to the banks. For more information, we invite you to contact your bank directly.

Moreover, only our bank is aware of the data of your credit card. Therefore, you will need to enter your number each time you buy. The connection is totally secure, all bank data entered are processed securely and are immediately encrypted. Thus, there is no risk, your transaction is fully secured and your bank details are not shared with the seller.

Payment via a Paypal account


You must have a PAYPAL account.

Online payment is simple and secure.

Simple and convenient: Your e-mail and password are sufficient to pay.

Secure: Paypal does not share your bank details with sellers.


Payment by bank transfer

To make your transfer, the banking details of Diffussence will be communicated to you when choosing the mode of payment. Then they will be mentioned on your confirmation of order that you will receive by e-mail.

Payment by Gift Certificate Diffussence®


To make your payment, simply enter, in the window reserved for this purpose in your basket, the number noted on your gift certificate.

For more information, see our terms and conditions