Notice to traditional tea lovers, let yourself be captivated by the subtle and traditional taste of our Classic range of teas, wrapped in a crystalline sachet. Discover our original teas such as the spicy black tea "Masala Chaï" or rediscover a classic such as our black tea Darjeeling "Tindharia".

Diffussence also offers a HTVE® (High Technology Vegetable Extract) range, which will bring you the right daily dosage in your tea to benefit from all the virtues of the plant or plants selected for the desired health effect.

All of our HTVE® (High technology Vegetable Extract) teas are formulated according to the recommended dry matter dosage of the selected plant or plants for their benefits. We refer systematically to create our HTVE® (High Technology Vegetable Extract) wellness formulas in Article 13 of the EFSA * "consolidated list of health claims for plants which specifies the conditions of use of the plant With the daily plant equivalent to be met in grams ". Some teas are supplemented with an enrichment in vitamins or minerals.Combine the benefits of our HTVE® (High Technology Vegetable Extract) well-being teas with the pleasure of taste!

We prepare tea recipes to form our HTVE® Tasting range (High Technology Vegetable Extract).

We hope soon to introduce you their natural gustative intensity because our teas HTVE® (High Technology Vegetable Extract) are 2 to 3 times more concentrated than the classical teas.

You can also discover our infusions by clicking here.

Good tasting !

* EFSA: European Food Safety Authority.

9 Item(s)

9 Item(s)