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Treat a friend!

1 - I choose the gift model based on the desired amount,Chèques cadeaux diffussence

2 - I add the gift to the basket and I validate it,

3 - I indicates the full name of the recipient of the gift certificate,

4 - I receive my gift voucher offer by mail within 48 hours worked,

5 - I can print my personalized gift voucher or email it to the recipient for the offer.


The recipient of the gift certificate can be used on all site. It is valid for 1 year usable at once.

For the settlement of the order with the voucher, simply type in the window available in the basket, the gift of the number as follows:

fenêtre saisie numéro chèque cadeau panier

For more information, you can also refer to the Terms and Conditions, Section 3. PROCEDURE FOR ORDERING Step 2 by clicking here


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